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Hello, I was born here in this Great Red State Of Texas!

My background is serving the people in this City, as a former Realtor I have helped others with their dreams of owning and selling a home. I have helped furnish their homes as I have also worked selling furniture. I have also worked in the car business, helping others get a great deal on a car.

I was also in the beauty business and worked as  hair designer, with a Barbers License.

I am happily married to the man of my dreams Joe, for 30 years!

My passion at this point in my life is Freedom from Socialism that seems to be plaguing the USA.

Legalizing marijuana in Texas is the 1st step into getting prisoners out of jail for pot related crimes !

The citizens of Texas would vote if they had a real reason!

Gambling in Texas already exists..just read the back of your TEXAS Lottery Ticket! "If you have a gambling problem, call..800-gambling!

What about the horse that not gambling?

Is there a stock market here in Dallas..Gambling!

My stand on Important Issues:






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